Financial events present enormous challenges for corporations, regardless of their precise objectives. Whether such events are endogenous, such the acquisition of companies, disposal of specific assets or repackaging of debt, or exogenous such as new regulatory frameworks, macroeconomic or credit events, companies have to find answers to complex financial questions arising in very different areas within a limited timeframe.

We support corporate transactions throughout the whole process with the view to relieve our clients from the complexity associated with both pre-event and post-event exposures, and implement optimal risk management policies.

Our team combines corporate finance expertise with in-depth financial asset valuation and event-driven experience to tackle questions like these:

  • What is the sensitivity of target valuation and purchase consideration to market risks between signing and closing?
  • What is the quantitative impact of the transaction on financial ratios and capital structure stability of the new entity?
  • Which risk management strategies are critical to the success of the transaction? Which ones can be implemented in the market?
  • What is the impact of potential credit covenants or breaks clauses on your risk management portfolio and ultimately your cost of financing?
  • What is the impact new regulatory regimes on your refinancing strategy and credit headroom?

Despite our focus on risk management, we provide our clients with efficient solutions that are adapted to the specific event or corporate transaction, including:

  • Pre-purchase inspection and evaluation of complex financial assets and contracts
  • M&A contingent structuring and pricing support
  • Post-transaction accounting effectiveness analysis
  • Combined risk management policies and systems convergence analysis
  • Credit headroom management and complex debt restructuring analysis
  • Index replication and regulatory hedging strategies

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