Solum Financial’s Enterprise Risk Management Advisory team has comprehensive experience evaluating and managing non-core financial exposures in the context of strategic corporate objectives.

We assist our corporate clients with articulating risk considerations related to capital allocation and disposals, capital structure and leverage ratios, as well as earnings volatility and dividend distribution.

Our team combines corporate finance and strategic risk management expertise to tackle questions like these:

  • To what extent is your company’s valuation factoring in exposures to financial risks?
  • What is the impact of unwanted earnings volatility arising from market risks?
  • Are investors perceiving your strategic risk management policy as value enhancing or value protection?
  • What is your company’s exposure to a deterioration of your key financial ratios and a ratings downgrade on the back of worsening credit and market factors?
  • What is the impact of implied and synthetic liabilities on your capital structure?
  • Have you properly assessed the actual impact of the credit crisis and new regulations on the effectiveness of your Asset & Liability management strategy?

We will partner with our corporate clients to factor in their strategic considerations first, and then determine the right focus for their risk management policies and strategies.

Our services in this area include:

  • Dynamic valuation modelling and stock Beta assessment
  • Quantification of impact of financial risks on free cash flow and earnings
  • Strategic risk management policy and investors perception review
  • Dynamic rating analysis and leverage assessment under credit stress scenarios
  • Optimal debt allocation and cost of debt analysis post credit adjustments

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