Since the financial crisis, vast swathes of new regulations have been introduced to strengthen and secure the operation of financial markets and improve transparency.

By way of example, the use of derivatives products now requires a much deeper understanding of credit parameters and increased computing capacity than was previously the case.

At Solum Financial, we help our corporate clients navigate these ever-more complex requirements with the transparency and unbiased advice they seek across the entire spectrum of strategic risk management, derivatives modelling and pricing, as well as hedging implementation and counterparty management.

Our partners and senior consultants are business leaders formerly in large financial institutions with deep expertise in capital markets and risk management.

Whether a corporation is looking to start a hedging program, seeking to optimise an established one, or concerned about the impact of regulations, Solum Financial has the expertise and industry-driven technologies to overcome risk-related challenges of any size and scope.

Our thorough understanding of risk management within the broader context of corporate finance enables us to tackle situations ranging from strategic capital structure concerns to the very detailed aspects of a hedge implementation across all asset classes: interest rates, currencies, commodities, credit, equities, inflation and counterparty credit risk exposure.

We have no other interest than to help corporate clients achieve the best results in the context of their overall corporate and financial strategy. We do not trade or lend, thus we do not have the conflicts of interest inherent to those engaged as both advisor and principal.