XPLAIN was designed by Solum’s senior derivatives practitioners to address the vast inefficiencies surrounding the world of OTC derivatives valuation controls. XPLAIN is a fully audited (market and valuation) data control and governance solution that automates every step of the IPV or NAV validation process.

Focusing on bringing cutting-edge technology to its clients without additional resources, XPLAIN is a cloud-native platform that aims at improving user experience and requires no expensive or lengthy system integration. With its unique mix of banking, advisory, and technology skills, the XPLAIN team has designed an innovative platform for fund administrators, banks, and large corporates wishing to automate validation processes, increase effectiveness, reduce costs (people, systems), minimise operational risk, and improve governance.

XPLAINPV: Empowering users to independently value their derivatives portfolios in order to determine fair value, XPLAINPV is designed to provide a robust pricing framework, combining fully bespoke user functionalities with best market practice pricing.

XPLAINXM: Designed to improve the valuation controls process by offering a robust, automated, and auditable framework for exception management, all in a single cloud platform.

XPLAINxVA: Developed by renowned quants and xVA experts, XPLAINxVA is designed to provide its users with a powerful and bespoke framework for determining counterparty valuation adjustments, leveraging off XPLAIN’s proprietary and optimized algorithm to deliver robust and fast xVA calculations.

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