Trusted Advisor – “Solum successfully bridges the gap between the premium management consultants and investment banks. Solum’s key credential is the vast experience of industry practitioners which now can act without any conflict of interest and really help on difficult solutions both for our clients as well as for our firm.” –  Major European Bank Board Member

Client Servicing – “I think going forward the partnership with Solum will probably focus on opportunities that we see for our clients and with our clients in which independent advise is needed or really specialist knowledge in certain areas is required. Most of our work with Solum in the future will be to working together on client opportunities in which we trust Solum’s expertise and experience.” – Major European Bank Board Member

 CCR Expertise – “The Solum team’s unique combination of technical expertise and extensive market experience promoted constructive and challenging interactive discussions across all aspects of Counterparty Credit Risk. I look forward to working with Solum again in the future.” –  Major European Bank Board Member

Structuring and Risk Transfer – “Solum supported us in its due diligence of the trading book positions and enabled an assessment of the fair value of the transferred positions. Beside ensuring an adequate transfer price, Solum’s support has also enabled us to manage such positions prudently and in line with regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis. As the mandate has been completed, we see ourselves in a position to evaluate Solum’s engagement and the commitment of its employees as an absolute success.” – Major European Agency Board Member

Structuring and Risk Transfer – “It has been key for us to deal with experienced practioners to ensure constructive discussions on all aspects of the transaction, including structuring, trading or operational aspects. All this has made a difference in our decision to participate to the bidding, and I guess to the competitiveness of the auction for the client.” – Major European Bank, Global Head of Structured Credit & Arbitrage

Valuation and Benchmarking – “Looking back at the accomplishment of a successful transaction, it can be said that this would not have been able to be achieved without the expert help provided by Solum. We are particularly pleased to see that Solum was able to leverage its deep market knowledge ( especially in relation to structured derivatives ) and provide guidance to us in assessing valuation models in place by benchmarking them to best market practice.” –  Major European Agency Board Member

CVA Expertise – “Solum has been working with us to assist in the design and development of a CVA application for the derivatives activity. I’d like to highlight the successful contribution of Solum to the project. Their insights provided added-value solutions in respect to the standards in the industry and thus we consider Solum as a partner that provides a differentiated and customized service to our needs.” – Major European Bank, Head of Quantitative & Business Solutions

Modelling Expertise –”Solum was chosen for the assignment due to their in-house expertise in complex interest rate modelling, including construction and reverse engineering of such models, their understanding of market practices and limitations with regard to market data modelling and calibration and their understanding of the end-to-end processes required in model validation.” – Leading Middle Eastern Bank, Head of Market Risk

Model Validation – “Solum deployed a team of highly experienced market practitioners who were very responsive and able to meet the requirements of the project within a very tight timeframe. They quickly understood our modeling approach, and set to align inputs and assumptions as much as possible to what we had used in order to validate the new metrics under various sets of collateral terms and portfolios/trades.” – Multilateral Development Bank, Head of Treasury Risk

Dispute Services –”I have so far been very impressed by Solum’s expert work in the field of complex structured finance banking disputes.  Solum have exhibited excellent understanding of their remit and conscientiously and expertly carried it out, whilst at all times retaining the appropriate degree of expert detachment and objectivity.” – QC Barrister

Dispute Services –”What Solum has is individuals who have actually traded or structured the products that are central to these disputes and therefore they are able to give first hand compelling evidence to the court of nuances of these instruments and the way the market treated them. They don’t try and blind anyone with science. It is the hands on approach and also very down to earth manner that Solum has which comes across very well in the court room.” – International Law Firm, Banking Litigation Partner